Tips For Boarding A Dog With Separation Anxiety

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Have you noticed your dog is expensing anxiety when you leave them? This may be especially hard if you are leaving them for a longer period and need to board them. It’s one thing to go for coffee with a friend or head to the gym, it’s another to leave for a couple days and see your dog has anxiety. This may even cause you not to go on a trip or to feel bad during your trip. Did you know that there is something you can do about separation anxiety? Keep reading as our experts explain this to you and what you can do about it.

Separation anxiety can happen at all different stages of life. You may be thinking, you didn’t used to get this as a puppy, why are you getting it now? It can develop at different times in a dog’s life as well as for all types of breeds. Here are a couple things to think about that may have happened to cause them to have anxiety:

  • A life event caused them to have anxiety
  • They may have been taken from their mother too soon.
  • There is a sudden change in routine.
  • Not enough exercise

It is then important to start looking for specific signs of anxiety. Some of these may include:

  • Barking or whining
  • Destructing things in the home
  • Scratching the wall and the floor
  • Attempting to escape their crate or the house.

If you have nodded your head to any of these, it may be time to explore additional options for your pooch.

The first is to not leave them alone for too long of times. If you will be gone all day for work, have a worker or a family member swing by and make sure they have enough food and water, give them some attention, and take them for a walk.

The next tip is to ensure they are having enough exercise. If you don’t have a backyard, this is especially important. Make sure you are walking them for at least 30 minutes every single day. This will not only be great for your dog, but for you too!

If you are going away for more than one day and dropping them off at a dog boarding facility or a friend’s house, make sure you leave them with something that smells like you. This could be a t-shirt or another one of your belongings. You can also leave them with their same bowl and something they normally sleep with. This will allow them to feel like home.

Make sure they are playing with other dogs in their daily life as well as when they go away. Socializing is so important, and it will make them happier.

If these tips still don’t help your dog’s anxiety, it may be time to ask your vet. Even if they are on medication temporarily, it will help you from feeling bad about leaving.

As you can see, separation anxiety is common among dogs and something that should be taken into consideration and worked through. Don’t be anger with your dog, think of it as a sign of love. For more tips on dealing with separation anxiety, contact us today.