Diseases in Puppies

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The puppy that you have just cared for, is vulnerable to various health problems due to decreased endurance due to stress. This stress is due to his separation from his mother and also the change in his new home atmosphere. But, if that happens, you can visit Canadian Pharmacy Online to overcome that problem.

So, what diseases can attack a puppy?


This disease usually attacks small breeds of dogs where dogs do not get enough sugar because their stomach is small. In addition, stress can also lead to this hypoglycemia attack.

Hypoglycemia is defined as blood glucose or blood sugar whose concentration is less than 70 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) of blood. Symptoms depend on how quickly the blood sugar concentrate drops, but these symptoms rarely arise until the blood sugar is below 50 mg/dl.


This worm is very worrying that we as dog lovers, can even kill our pets because of the worms that accumulate in the animal’s body. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to the problem of worms in our pets, especially in puppies, because the puppies have been entrusted with worm eggs in the placenta, so the puppies are born carrying worm seeds and after birth the child suckles on the mother so the child again gets the wormseed that goes through the mother’s milk.


If a new cold is not immediately treated well and prolonged, then an upper respiratory tract infection arises due to the development of viruses and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract to release white lenders which eventually become green. Even the appearance of a fissure in the eye is a little excessive.

If the puppy is in such a state, then this is a sign that the infection has begun to occur. Distemper disease, which if not handled with care causes death in the puppy. A good solution is to give vaccinations to these puppies at the age of 7 weeks using Eurican pappi 2, which consists of Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza type 2.

But having vaccinated the puppy also does not guarantee that puppies are not attacked by Distemper and Influenza Disease. Because the immune factor is not really strong or stable. The best way is that we as dog lovers always check the dog’s condition every day so that the condition of the dog is always healthy. Especially the smell of puppies or adults.


The most specific symptoms of parvo disease are repeated vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Other symptoms are lethargy, unwillingness to eat and fever. If vomiting and diarrhea persist, the dog will become dehydrated and lose weight. Without proper handling, the puppy usually cannot survive.

Parvo Virus diagnosis can be done by looking at the clinical symptoms, or more modern is by using a Parvo diagnostic kit with samples from dog feces.


The main symptom of animals infected by coccidiosis is diarrhea. Diarrhea can be mild or severe diarrhea, depending on the level of infection. Blood and mucus can occur in diarrhea, especially in difficult cases. Severely infected dogs with coccidiosis can vomit, lose appetite, become dehydrated and, in some cases, die of the disease.

Most infected puppies are found to be four to twelve weeks old. The possibility of coccidiosis should always be considered when diarrhea occurs at that age. Microscopic tests of impurities must be performed by a veterinarian to detect cysts, to ensure coccidiosis.

It must be recognized that stress can trigger the development of coccidiosis. It is impossible for puppies who look healthy when they get home and get diarrhea a few days later and are diagnosed with coccidia. If the dog arrives at a new home in less than 13 days, then the puppy has been infected with coccidia before he arrives at his new home. Remember, the incubation period is around 13 days. If the puppy has lived with his new owner for more than a few weeks, then the puppy is exposed by the coccidia after he moves to his new home.

How to administer medication

A sick puppy needs to be fed medicine. It is very easy to give medicine if the dog has a very high appetite. You just have to put the medicine in place to eat with the food or even like giving snacks just the dog can easily swallow the medicine without chewing. But for a sick puppy, it’s certainly more difficult to feed him medicine. You should visit canadapharmacy.com to cure the dog properly.