5 Signs Your Pets Are Sick

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For those who have pets, whether they are cats or dogs, they must be worried if they suddenly get sick. The problem is, sometimes we don’t realize that they’ve actually not been feeling well for a long time. Knowing when you are taken to the doctor is late and severe. But if you already know that your pet is sick, you can go to the veterinarian and buy pet medicine at licensed pharmacies such as the Canadian Pharmacy.

Well, so that a situation like that doesn’t happen, let’s see the five signs of your pet getting sick!

Drinking Too Much

Like humans, pets also need to drink. The problem is, if your pet suddenly drinks outside the normal limit, there might be something wrong in their body. Drinking too much can be a sign of diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, or fever.


Diarrhea clearly indicates something is wrong with the digestion of your cat or dog. Maybe the food doesn’t match or poisoning something. Diarrhea can actually stop by itself as time goes on, but if it gets worse you just take it to the doctor, right?

Reduced Appetite

You have to worry if your pet suddenly decreases its appetite. Especially if you know your pet is a greedy person. There are a number of possibilities that cause them not to eat, starting from getting bored with their food, indigestion, or maybe there is a problem in their mouth or teeth.


This one point is sometimes the thing that pet owners always miss. Scratching the body is one of the things we will often see when we have a pet. But you must be observant, who knows they scratch more often than usual. If so, there are several indications: allergies, dry skin, hormonal imbalances, or parasites. Whichever happens, you must take it quickly to the doctor because all these indications cannot heal themselves. Wrong-wrong your cat is bald because of scratching.

Bad breath

Pets are not famous for their fragrant mouths, but if their mouths suddenly smell more than usual, you should be alert. There are several reasons why their mouths become smelly, including diabetes, getting a kind of canker sores, there is a problem in their kidneys, or the worst is a tumor in the mouth.

That’s five signs your pet is sick. From now on, check the five points above frequently, so you can avoid things that are not desirable. And of course, don’t forget the vaccines of all your pet animals!