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A Few Benefits and Features of 0800 Phone Numbers

It doesn’t really matter whether you are trying to adjust your company’s work to the current economic climate or you are making efforts to boost your overall performance, you should know that 0800 phone numbers provide many benefits and excellent features. These popular free numbers can be used by any kind of business. Now let’s check some of the benefits of these numbers.

First of all, one of the biggest benefits of using 0800 phone numbers is the fact that they can boost sales and enquiries. By switching your regular landline to free phone number you will create more trade. Offering your clients the opportunity to make free phone calls will make you more popular.

Next, these phone numbers can also help you take a closer look at your advertising effects. If you have already invested in specific marketing campaigns, it will be the best idea to find a way to track the development and assess the ROI. Thanks to 0800 phone numbers, you should be able to do this and more. If you use different 0800 phone numbers for each advertisement, you can check the progress and results for each number.

Furthermore, having a 0800 phone number will enhance your company’s availability to customers. You can create special call plan that can redirect 0800 phone number calls to a certain list of phone numbers. So, these numbers practically protect you from missing calls and at the same time, every client can talk to real persons, not to automated machines. The redirecting practice allows 0800 numbers to link to the next available line, so the clients won’t have to wait for a long time before they are connected.

It is also a good idea to mention that many 0800 phone numbers come with a useful feature that comes in the form of a voicemail box. Obviously, clients can use these boxes to leave a message to the receiver. Additionally, they can leave their numbers, so you can call them whenever you feel prepared.

Finally, another great benefit of using a 0800 phone number is the so-called fax to e-mail service. When this option is used, faxes are sent directly to a pre-determined e-mail address.

What is interesting is that 0800 phone number users have many other add-on solutions that they can use and each of these solutions can increase their company’s efficiency.


Gift Ideas

As the shopping days wind down, shoppers are hitting the stores on a quest to find that perfect gift. Before you head out, take a minute to check out our picks for five great gift ideas for the Ford Fan in your life. Though really, these gifts will work for just about anyone that drives a vehicle of any type.

1. Remote Start System

This is the ultimate convenience. I guarantee if you live in New England, the recipient of this gift will thank you many times over.  Visit Acton Ford’s Accessory E-Store to learn more about Ford’s newest remote start system. There is no need to see the vehicle to start it, requires automatic transmission and works for cars that do not have push button start, as well.

2. Weathertech FloorLiner

There is nothing more damaging to the carpet in your car than all the salt, sand and moisture that is a necessary evil of winter weather. Made to fit many makes and models, the fit is snug and uses the factory installed posts of your current floor mats. Easy to remove and simply hose off, let dry and replace. What could be easier than that? Look no further than Acton Ford for the perfect floor mat.

3. Cargo Organizer

Everyone needs a little more organization in their lives, and the family car is no exception. While there are many versions of trunk organizers on the market, this Cargo Organizer from Ford, available from Acton Ford, is spacious enough to hold everything from groceries, to sporting equipment, or just all the little extras you store in the truck of your vehicle.

4. Spill Proof Travel Mug Our vehicles have become an extension of our living space today as we do more and more in our cars. Commuters across America can be seen toting their morning coffee with them on their daily drive. While convenient, this can pose a possible issue if you hit a pot hole. There is a solution to the problem, this Spill proof Travel Mug from LL Bean. Sized to fit most cup holders, this mug can not only save your outfit, it just may  save the morning. Easy to wrap or put in a stocking this holiday season!

5: Black and Decker Electromate 400 Jump Starter

This may be the most useful gift on the list. Great for a new driver, loved one, or almost everyone on your list who drives, this Jump Starter from Black and Decker could save time and money. This handy power source can not only jump your battery if it is dead, but also comes with a built in air compressor to inflate tires, among other things that require air. It also features AC power outlets to charge electronics, or use as a short term power supply during power outages. Don’t risk getting caught with a dead battery this winter. Arm yourself, and anyone on your gift list, with the security and convenience of a portable jump starter. This one is available from, but many different types can be found.

Stocking Stuffers:

Before I end, I want to share a few ideas for stocking stuffers that every driver will love. Flashlight key chains, digital tire gauges, microfiber windshield cloths, anti-glare sunglasses and heated ice scrapers can help fill the stocking and make life on the run a little easier for those on your gift list this season.


Hotline 0800

The hotline can be both with the number 0 800, and the city telephone number, if you’re territorially presented only in one region and don’t organize promotional activities throughout the country.

Why do you need the hotline?

The hotline operators will gladly tell your potential and existing customers about:

the work schedule of your offices, subsidiaries and shops;
your services: the essence of services, their cost and conditions of delivery;
your goods: availability in the shops, prices and specific features;
organized events and their conditions;
register the information about what your customers think of the quality of your work, fix their wishes, comments and suggestions;
provide statistics of customers’ communications on various questions over the reporting period.

The hotline 0800 can also be useful in such cases:
For the support of your brand promotion

Do you promote your products or services on the market?
You need the feedback from: do you takes into account the wishes and claims of your customers to improve your products or services?
Do you want to give the fullest information on your products or services to attract the new customers and keep the informational support of the existing ones?
Does the specificity of your products requires additional customer consulting on the features of their use?
Support of your advertising actions: contests, prize drawings and quizzes

If you’re going to organize the massive advertising campaign, remember that the number of calls, to the promotion number, can be great. Very soon, your staff will no longer manage the flow of communications, lose the loyalty and become irritable. You can count the number of calls you’ve taken and processed, but what you will not know i show many users have heard a busy signal.
Every missed cal lis the present to your competitor!
Technical support of your goods

To provide technical support, we’ll involve the most competent technical consultants- operators that will give your customers and partners the necessary consultation on the following topics:

Features of use of your goods or services;
Diagnostics and repairing the malfunctions;
Accepting applications for repairing the malfunctions;
Billing information: the cash balance on your client?s account.


Understanding Why Your Car’s Engine Consumes So Much Oil

Your engine needs oil in order to keep its moving parts properly lubricated. Otherwise, the friction generated by those parts during its operation will cause expensive damage. Under normal circumstances, your vehicle should only need a single quart for every 2,500 to 3,000 miles. In fact, if you own a late model car, there’s a good chance your engine will need far less.

After years of driving, your car’s engine will begin to suffer wear and tear. As it does, the amount of oil it uses will increase. In a lot older vehicles that have an enormous number of miles, it’s not uncommon for the engine to use a quart every 1,500 miles. At that point, the consumption rate still doesn’t represent a major problem. However, by the time your car is going through a quart every 600 or 700 miles, it may be due for a trip to the repair shop.

If your engine is burning too much oil, it can potentially cause other problems. For example, your spark plugs may become fouled, which will eventually cause misfiring and rising emissions. Below, I’ll explain some of the factors that can lead to excessive oil consumption.

Factors That Cause Excess Consumption

One of the most common reasons vehicles burn too much oil is because of worn valve guides. When they wear down, a few problems can form. For example, the space between the guides and the valve stems can become greater. Or, the seals around the guides might break or crack. When these problems occur, oil can make its way into a cylinder’s combustion chamber. During the combustion process, the ignition of the fuel mixture will burn the oil.

If the seals around the valve guides have broken or become cracked, they can usually be replaced or repaired with little trouble. On the other hand, if your engine is burning oil because of worn piston rings, replacing them may be more time-intensive and problematic.

Is It Possible To Reduce The Burning?

Unfortunately, repairing or replacing worn valve guides and piston rings are usually the only reliable ways to fix an oil burning issue (aside from an expensive engine overhaul). That said, there are a few strategies you can use that may reduce the amount of burning. For example, consider using a motor oil with a higher viscosity. You can also look for special additives for the crankcase. Another option is to use a seal conditioner on the crankcase to help plug gaps left by a worn valve seal. It won’t completely plug the gaps, but may help.

Also, ask your mechanic if he can replace the worn seals without taking out the cylinder heads. It’s not always possible, but if it is, repairing the problem will be far less expensive than otherwise.