How to Keep Your Pet Safe around Wildlife

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No matter whichever area we live in, we are always surrounded by the wildlife. It could be very intimidating even to think living close to wild animals. With a rapid increase in urbanization, wildlife is losing their homes. They come to the urban areas looking for warmth and comfort. But many of these animals do not mix well with dogs or cat. They might make them their meal. It is hard for us to keep the wildlife away from the cities and an encounter with these animals is rising only. But luckily, we can follow a few easy tips and trick to keep the wildlife away from our pets and the potential danger they bring.

Keep pets leashed:

It is tempting for most of us to unleash our pets for that playtime fun when out for hiking. Like us, most pets are over enthusiastic. Always looking for new places, running off to smells. To ensure you and your pet both have a great time hiking, keep your pets on a leash. It will ensure their safety and free your mind from constant worrying. If you are having a tough time taming and preparing your pet for the hike, search on the internet for a veterinarian near me. They might help you with a trick or two.

Stay close to home:

During warmer weathers, it is especially not safe for our pets to wander in the wild alone. Coyotes, bears, bobcats and even lynxes out in the wild looking for preys. As much danger as our pets have from four-footed animals, they are not safe from prey birds as well. If you are exploring an unexplored trail with your pet, keep him on the leash. If you have a barn cat, make him a cozy and inviting place inside the barn.

Spay and neuter

Unless you are a professional breeder, always spay and neuter your pets. Most animals get sexually active during the spring. They are more likely to make litters creating an influx of animals in your house. It also increases the chances of your pet running off in search of mates.

Be noisy:

It might sound unreasonable, but making noise before you head out in the dark with your pets is an excellent way to alert the wildlife that you are around. It warns them to keep a distance from you. If you love hiking with your pets, put bells on their collar. If your pet gets injured by a wild animal, make no delay in rushing him for professional pet care at animal hospital Virginia Beach.

Keep garbage securely close and out of reach:

If you think it is just your dog or cat that likes to raid the trash and garbage, you are wrong. Stray animals and wild ones including raccoons, coyotes, bears and more like digging around the leftovers for anything editable. If you live in a warmer place, chances are the weather can intensify the smell from the garbage and attract animals. The best way to avoid these unwanted encounters is to secure your trash bin tightly. Keep it out from the reach of animals.